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With over 30 years of experience in creating innovative solutions for clients we approach each new contract as an individual challenge to deliver the very best solution.
Increasing sales or improving productivity - Amorphic can deliver results by utilizing technology to do deliver you the edge over your competition.
Below are a selection of the cloud based; Internet of Things and Internet / Intranet solutions which have successfully improved productivity and sales.

Dishwasher Salt Monitor

Water Softener Meter

If you have a manual commercial water softener you know it needs to be replenished with salt, but when does this need doing - you just have to guess and as a result your very expensive dishwasher is damaged by limescale build-up.

Our little monitor will tell you when you need to replenish the salt based on the amount of water used and the hardness of your water, problem solved!

Footfall Counter

Footfall Counter / Retail Conversion Stats

Removing guesswork makes life easier and less stressful, with in-store retail analytics you have facts to backup your strategy.

Data from our easy to install, low cost footfall counters can be combined with your EPOS data to provide realtime customer behaviour data such as a retail conversion rate, that is the percentage of customers who walk past the footfall counters vs the number of people who make a purchase.

Door Access Control
Shop / Office Bi Directional Door Monitors
Automatic Social Distancing Systems

Count the number of people entering and and leaving an area, set max number of people allowed in at anyone time, remote monitoring of people counter, requires nothing more than a mains plug or USB 5v power supply. Traffic Light system to show people when it's safe to enter and leave.

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  • Database Design
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  • Corvid-19 Business Solutions
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Got an idea you need building? We can quickly advise you of the amount of work involved so you can assess the project.

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